“Models play an in important role in society. We are influence.”-Angela the Muse

Born in:Chicago,IL,USA
Known for:Mouth
Angela is a fashion model with 6+years experience. In 2006, she was discovered in L.A by fashion photographer Nicole Anne Robbins(W Magazine, Meow Meow Magazine, S Magazine Journal.)This launched her place and recognition in the fashion industry, and allowed her the opportunity to be shooting with some of the best photographers in the world and shortly after shooting with Nicole becoming known as “the muse.” Angela is very grateful to be able to fulfill her dreams and loves being the clay for which artists use to play and create.

In 2007, Angela started doing runway. Angela has worked with many notable designers and in 07 shot for Abigail Glaum Lathbury’s Spring Campaign and lookbook.

In 2008, Angela co-starred in a short film called ‘Derby Dreams’ shot by fashion photographer Kim Grisco(944 Magazine,Wet Seal,American Apparel) which premiered on the big screen at a Hollywood film festival at the Egyptian Theatre and then later ended up being being on the Yes Man movie DVD.

In 2009, Angela shot an editorial inspired by Odd Nerdrum for designer Bao Tranchi’s(American’s Next Top Model, Entertainment Weekly, Steven Tyler,)Odd Campaign and lookbook. Makeup and hair was by Sharon Esther(944 Magazine, FAKE Magazine, America’s Next Top Model)and photographed by Josh Separzadeh. Later in 2009, Dana Hanegraaf interviewed and featured Angela in The Artsighter for her unique beauty.

In 2010, she modeled in New York Fashion Week for NYFC Clash of the Couture’s '10 walking for Jinxedaposed and T.Simone Designs at Chacala Lofts in Soho.

In 2011, FMainstream video profiled her as a part of a series of innovative young people in Chicago.

In 2012, she was featured on the front cover of F.For magazine for their Premiere 'Great Expectations' issue 4 in September and modeled for several official Chicago Fashion Focus events in October.

In 2013, she became editor of Seek.Me magazine, a fashion publication based in Chicago, L.A, and N.Y.C.

In 2014, she kept at magazine and modeled a little less often, occasionally missing working as a model.

In 2015, she became sick and took on only a few projects.

In 2016, she along with founder, Min Lee, launched Joule Mag. She started taking on more modeling projects again and shooting with select photographers.

Some of the other photographers that have photographed Angela include:Mark Sacro(J’ADORE Magazine, Fixation Magazine), David Ngyuen(Marie Claire Magazine, InStyle Magazine, Vivid Magazine), Kyle Lamere(VenusZine, BUST Magazine), Michael Stonis(Blu Magazine, Beverly Hills Lifestyle Magazine)Aaron Corey(Time Out Chicago Magazine), Rush Varela( of Choice Jeans), Will Springfield(Fusion Magazine)(Avenue Report Magazine),Tito Trelles, Kayoua Xiong(Viktoria’s Cloest), SAW photography, Jennifer Avello(NASTY Magazine, (PaperCut Mag), Alicia Nieto, John Ng, and Ozon Wilson(VOGUE Italia, Blackfolio Magazine,)Melissa Morley.

Some of the other designers and boutiques Angela has worked with include:T.Saints, Genevieve Clifford, Agga B,Chi Chi&The Greek,Verse Boutique, Avant Gaudy,Dear Beatrice, Laura Lombardi, Dili Designs, ReStock Shop, Viktoria’s Closet, Xza Louise, Horacio Nieto, Kokorokoko, Victor Miller, Nepali Scarves, Yvette Wesley, Avery Scott II, Wanda Cobar, Fred Boutique, Amy J.Designs, Lover’s Lane, CLEONS, House of Bias, Le Dress,Miriam Cecilia, Erin Gotwals, Mike Shallow, Chloe Flora, Stilletto Squad, Hasana Inc, Toxik x Tru che, White Exchange/White Chicago, Dame Couture, GOCA Designs, Lola Paige, V.Fish, P+L Boutique, Bazaar Apparel, ThewholeSHbang, Tonya Gross Millinery, Haus of Aliliamodie, Bryan K.Osburn, Hats by Angela Morano, Luquin Studios, Rudimentary Objects, Red Paris,and Around the City Vintage.

Angela is a internationally published model.Some of the other publications you may have seen her include:Meow Meow Magazine, ChicagoMixx,Time Out Magazine, Maelan Magazine, TheMagazine(OK),Fashionably Austin, TURN Magazine, En Chicago, Model Chicago Magazine,Valence Book Magazine, Chicago Shopping, Model Venture Magazine, FXM,Talk of Orlando,The Fashion Spot, Haute Chicago Magazine, Pandamonium Magazine, Evan J’s Model of the Week, Media Technology Services Online Magazine, fIXE magazine,Surreal Magazine, Kindred Dreamheart Spotlight #25, Protege Magazine and Feroce Magazine.

Angela has been in various magazines, lookbooks, advertisements, and campaigns for boutiques as well as catalogs, blogs,and countless shoots for development and creatives for spec. She has worked with many talented artists in Chicago, L.A, NYC, Milwaukee, Indiana, Detroit, Miami, Arizona, and North Carolina.She is mainly a fashion model.Although Angela is most well versed in the art of fashion, she also is experienced in commercial, art, glamour, bridal, hair, television and film, and promotional modeling as well. She has been in gallery shows, calendars, hairshows, image showcases-worked on 'The Beast'(Patrick Swayze), and 'Chicago P.D'(Jon Seda), WGN News, as well as done runway shows at some of the hottest nightclubs, galleries, and venues, and doing promotional work for clients such as Lucky Magazine, ESPN, Jameson, Red 7 Salon, Fourth&Heart Ghee Butter, Malibu Black, Mike's Hard Lemonade, Jim Beam, Lexus, Roca Patron, Olay, Old Style, White Claw Hard Seltzer, Russian Standard,The Art Institute Chicago and Contrex Water for high end special events, on premise events and off premise events.

"i am obsessed with your gawky beauty. it is magnetic. i love how shy you are… you come off very sincere and sweet, and i like that.
i really think you could become an amazingly famous model… you just have something about you.
and im so proud of the images i took of you…"-Nicole Anne Robbins to Angela the Muse after their first shoot

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